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tv   France 24 Mid- Day News  LINKTV  July 28, 2014 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> good evening. we begin with the latest on the 21-day conflict between israel and hamas. despite calls for an immediate ceasefire from the u.n., the u.s. and other world powers, the violence continued throughout this monday, both sides trading blame for a strike on a park in gaza, which claimed the lives of nine children and one adult, and in israel, four people, we understand perhaps nine soldiers are reported to have been killed in a mar tar -- in a mortar attack. many are known to have died since july 8.
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here is our report. >> i was at the hospital, and also in a refugee camp just over an hour ago. what witnesses i spoke to at the hospital, which is at this point stilled with incoming bodies and all sorts of casualties and injuries from the attack, what people at the hospital were saying is they fire two aeli drone rockets into the park, hitsing a ferris wheel. elsewhere in the camp i was speaking with witnesseses on a busy street where there was shrapnel everywhere, destroyed cars and two craters in the car where apparently a teeter-to ther which had children playing on it was destroyed. there, too, witnesses said they which drone fire hit, has caused at least a dozen
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casualties and many more injured. >> that was jesse reporting from gaza. for the world's one billion james slim people, the hedigbo festival marks the end marks idol" festival the end of fasting. ramadan, islam's holiest month has been the bloodiest. these graves have been freshly dug. >> there has never been an eid-ul-fitr like this before for the palestinian field. it is really a sad state of affairs.
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people are visiting graves to honor their dead as you can see and then going to the hospital o visit the injured. >> gaza's streets are almost empty. the stores are close. most of the shops are shotter and padlocked. citizens prepare to celebrate the end of ramadan. but gases is on their moaned. >> we are a united people. we feel for the martyrs killed there. we cannot celebrate as we should. nevertheless we hope this will be an eid-ul-fitr full of kindness and dignity. >> the palestinian prime inister of the new unity government backed by hamas and fatah praise for an end to the suffering of the palestinian people. >> we are gathering crimes to go to the international court and prosecutor this terrible
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operation, the crimes against gaza. >> palestinians gather to pray. soon after, dozens take to the street in protest against the israeli offensive. >> one of israel's ames in operation protective edge is to destroy the continues which allow access into the country. this .t. with a look at network. here is more. >> a short distance from the gaza border, a crater nearly 15 meters deep. after two months of digging, the israeli intelligence service made a major find. this lieutenant in charge of media shows journalists what the army discovered, an unfinished tunnel built by hamas. >> you see that i can easily move about, even turn around. in single five, fighters could get to the israeli side to conduct a terrorist attack.
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>> it is that fear that is driving israel's response. >> you can see the power points here. they were in mechanized carts and machines capable of piercing through things. >> earlier this week a raid by hamas used these tunnels. these images provided by the israeli army show the militants opening fire before being taken out by a missile strike. the attack took place near a normally quiet syringes where residents thought the ground was too hard to dig tunnels. now security has been stepped up. ever mindful of the communications war, the israeli army is keen to provide images to bolster its side. here another tunnel in gaza. it is packed with zhroifs by israeli soldiers before going up in smoke.
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50 access points have been discussed, an underground city in gaza. israel says it will take a week to destroy what they have found. >> gallagher, just this evening we are receiving word of nine more israeli soldiers killed. that brings to 52 the total number of israeli soldiers killed in this war. >> yes, it does. but this hasn't deterred the israeli extensively openly behind its government and army this evening. the israeli prime minister with his minister of defense and the lieutenant general, head of israel's army by his side announced that israel would not back down from its goal of destroying those tunnels used by palestinian militants to infiltrate the israeli borders. the prime minister insists that israel wants the de-mill tarization of gaza and warning
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that may take some time. you mentioned more than 50 dead in the ranks of the israeli army. however, at this point this does not seem to have any kind of a negative effect in terms of how the israeli public perceives this operation and the need to move forward. the message which was being delivered by the israeli prime minister this evening was very clear, and it was addressed mostly to the international community, which has been making very loud calls for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire. the message from israeli authorities this evening is not now for this ceasefire. >> what about on the ground in israel itself today? any developments or anything you would like to bring us up to speed with? >> yes, definitely, two major security incidents which occurred just moments before the israeli prime minister stepped up to the podium. some of those incidents mentioned this that report
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which you just aired, two symbolic one. he first one, a mortar shell landing and killing four israelis and wounded others. that mortar shell was not intercepted by the iron dome system, which is meant only to intercept rockets and medium and long range missiles. the other incident is the infiltration by palestinian militants into israeli territory. those two incidents reinforced the israeli public and leaders in their conviction that the operation must go on. because for the moment, the official goals have not been attained. those two goals putting a complete end to the firing come out of the gaza territory and the use of those tunnels to enter - from gaza to into israeli territory. it is unclear how many tunnels
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are in gaza leading for israeli territory. >> thanks for that update. >> in other world news, firefighters on the outskirts of the libyan capital are battling to distinguish a massive blaze at an ole depot. that fire has expanded to a second site. a fireball could result in more serious damage. syria is now calling for special assistance. >> a fire threatening to spark an environmental disaster. the caution from libya's government as it appears for international help to tackle a massive blaze near the petrol storage facility. quench struggling to the flames at a tank.
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they are scrambling to evacuate residents in a three-mile residents. caused by rocket fire on sunday, the blaze is the latest consequence of violence between areas trying to control the airport. they have claims scores of lives, injuring hundreds. still lagging an official military, the government is increasingly over-whelmed by militant groups, a situation hitted by several western embassies, including the u.s., france and britain. they have evacuated staff amid growing security concerns. they said that could plunge into crisis a nation. >> in other world news, flags are flying at half mast on government buildings across
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france as three days of mourning begins for the victims f last week's air crash. officials here in paris are taking a leading role in the investigation. the pleap's two black boxes are back here in france where the contents are being analyzed. nicolas has more. >> the french foreign minister speaking five days after the to h of the ah-50 17 flying algiers says it is very much mission accomplished for the government. they have done a lot of things in terms of coordination. the security on the ground has been established. french troops are working in close cooperation with troops of other nationalities, notably from the region itself. secondly, the black boxes are here in france. they were found on friday.
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investigation of those boxes has begun. thirdly there is aagreement that there will be the transfer of bodies and remains from mali to france. it was stressed very much that this investigation will be painstaking, complex and long in terms of analysis of the black boxes, six engineers will be working full time for several weeks. the first step will be to establish whether the data inside them is recoverable. on the ground itself, the stress was that the logistics was very difficult. it is scrub lands and very remote. just to get from the main city the own in the region to crash site can take up to eight hours. imagine then how you can have
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23,000 liters of water spotlight to investigators and teams on the ground. so of course the whole question of the weather, again now how that will effect it, the rainy season. throughout the last five days, the french government has been very concerned about this crash. it has had four crisis meetings, including one this morning between the prime minister and the french president. their message is we are hands on. we are going to deal in terms of coorledation in terms of the families of victims, step by step and hour by hour. >> thank you for that report. investigators in the netherlands said today that the remains of some of the 298 people aboard the malaysian airlines mh-17 might never be found. 2/3 of the victims were dutch. he boeing 777 crashed in the ukraine. a top human rights official
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says the downing of this paiger plane could constitute a war crime. >> a tragedy which could amount to war crimes, the message from the united nations this monday as it condemned the shooting down of malaysian airlines flight mh-17 which killed all 298 people on board. ukraine and western governments believe pro moscow insurgents attacked the jet using a surface to air missile supplied by russia. they released pictures claiming to show rockets fired by russia, refuted by moscow. >> it took 10 days for the u.s. to supply the images. it is up to the experts to say why the images weren't supplies earlier. from our side we released the information we had immediately. >> there is growing concern the
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crash site is still not fully safe for international investigators. violence between ukrainian troops and pro russian separatists shows no signs of abating. the unrest hindering investigation and finding information vindicating russia or ukraine. >> the french presidency said the leader of the united states, germany, france and brute an have agreed on imposing more sanctions on russia. they say despite calls on the russian president, vladimir putin, to put pressure on the separatists to end the violence, nothing has so far been achieved. time now for a check of the top business new news stories. marcus is here. we are looking at the biggest ever arbitration payment ordered by a court. tell us more. >> russia has been hit with this broad side. russia says it will appeal against a ruling that it must
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pay more than $50 million to former shareholders of the company yukos. they say the ruling in the hague was politically biased. the panel of judges found russia had manipulated the system to bankrupt yukos. it used to be the biggest oil company but it was broken up after its head was arrested back in 2003. he went on to spend more than a decade in prison, and yukos went bankrupt. shirley has more details. >> eight years after yukos was declared bankrupt, the former oil company is still a headache for russian authorities. on monday the hague arbitration court examining a case brought by shareholders said it ruled against russia. they said moscow authorities forced yukos into bankruptcy with excessive taxes and arresting its founder. it says russia has to pay $50
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billion. >> this independent tribunal has cowen colluded that the ex-appropriation of yukos by russia was illegal and politically motivated. >> the court accused the russian federation of breaching the energy charter treaty. russian authorities say they haven't even ratified the agreement. they hope a dutch court will over-rule the decision. >> russia and the agencies that represent russia in this case will use all the legal options they have to uphold their position. >> the arbitration court's decision comes at a difficult time as russian is already facing sanctions from the united states and the e.u. over its role in the ukrainian crisis. >> the payments unexpectedly double the financial weight that has been put on russia at a time of this geo political conflict. >> the $50 billion compensation
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sum represents over 10% of russia's yearly federal budget. >> argentina has sent a team of negotiators to new york to avoid a potentially costly default. argentina is under pressure to strike an agreement before a deadline on wednesday this week. the country is in a court-appointed says with investors that have rejected a restructuring of argentinean debts. e so-called hold-out bondholders says argentina owes them $1.5 billion. the default could be argentina's second in 13 years. a closer look at the stock market. it has been a rocky session over-all in the united states this monday with the indexes going in and out of negative territory. investors are digesting a weaker reading of home sales in june.
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dollar tree announcing plans to buy family dollar for $8.59 billion, perhaps providing some support for stocks this session with the dow jones up .2% this hour. we have about 40 minutes or so to go in trading. it was a mixed picture at the close in europe. in paris, it ended in positive tear core. the dax shed a half% and london was largely flat. we saw worries over the ukraine crisis and the gaza situation putting a cap on trading. the index in moskow ended down after the ruling in the hagan. here is more news. the low-cost carrier raised its full year forecast. they say profits doubled to 197 million euros this season.
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ryanair says the campaign to improve services has paid off. it has eased restrictions on hand luggage and lowered certain fees. another sign that the economy in spain is improving. bankia nalized lender says the profits doubled to nearly 245 million euros. bad loans are debt that seem unlikely to be paid off by borrowers. staying in the banking world. british bank lloyd's has agreed to pay $369 million to u.s. and u.k. regulators of the it is settle allegations it manipulateded a key global interest rate. lloyd's is the sixth financial firm that has been punished for manipulating a rate. by admitting responsibility,
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lloyd's will avoid criminal prosecution in the united states. i will be back again in an hour. time for more business headlines. >> thank you marcus. he had the business nice. time to see what is happening online. web news is next. >> hello there and welcome to the web news, the web pick of the stories making the online headlines. coming up on today's show. web users call for peace in gaza. and online campaign to save a polar bear in argentina. and parkour around paris. web users the world over are campaigning for peace in gaza. this one holding a sign saying jews, israelis, palestinians
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muslims, i love you. it was started last year by a young muslim woman living in singapore and her friend. it is proving extremely popular on facebook. it is just one of many online movements for peace in gaza. the pass few days has seen the emergence of a number of new initiatives calling for an end of the fighting between israel and hamas. they are encouraging national networks to have hummice, something enjoyed by palestinians, muslims and jews alike. the idea is to focus on the come a lots between the peoples instead of the differences. amnesty international is using photos to call for a ceasefire in the gaza strip. dozens of shots have been filed with people holding their
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putnam up to the camera reading the word stop. it calls for greater protection of palestinian and israeli civilians. >> this 29-year-old is the last polar bear in argentina. e lives not far from the chile border. he is showing signs of severe depression, following the death of his female companion. in hot temperatures, many have taken to the web to denounce the polar bear's polite. an online petition was started demanding he be located to a can koran base where a more natural habitat is waiting for him. it has gordonnered 800,000 records. green peace has added their
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support to the appeal. the last mobilization has moved o twitter, while many like actress olivia munn and cher agreed. it seems despite the protest artero won't be able to leave. they said the journey would be too much for the polar bear because he is too old. they also said that is why he is behaving in this way. >> two members of the australian women's hockey team competing at the glasgow commonwealth games took a selfie. to go ren't expecting it
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viral, but they were photo bottomed by queen elizabeth herself. it has been massively retweeted by other web users. >> this somewhat disturbing collection is called the end of eternity. the artist imagined what some of the world's largest cities including berlin, new york, paris and madrid would look like if they were hit by a atural disaster or nuke war. uses's images to convey to the destructive how it can be. >> i know where your cats live. this map was put together by american researcher owen mundy and provides the gee graphical locations of over one million
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fee line friends across the globe. it is intended as a bit of light entertainment for cat lovers and to raise awarenessc
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from pacifica this is democracy ♪ ♪ from pacifica this is democracy now... >> the security council stresses strong support. >> the united nations security council calls for an immediate ceasefire in gaza as the palestinian death toll tops one thousand including at least 226 children. mth


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